Are your lenses broken or scratched? Do you need a new prescription? Or do you simply have pre-loved frames and want to upgrade your lenses as cheaply as possible? 


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Reglazing allows you to keep your existing frames and just change the lenses, saving you time and money. And giving your specs a new lease of life (being kind to the environment is important to us to so if we can recycle your frames, we will!).

Our in-house, high tech, manufacturing facility means we can offer a super quick reglazing service, at super prices and super quality.

All our lenses (except entry level) come with a scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating, in 5 different weight and thickness options for full-frames, semi-rimmed or rimless. We even offer polarised and Transitions™ lenses in a range of tints and made to your prescription.

Your frame and prescription
Bring in your frame (new or old!) and we’ll help you choose the best lens for your prescription and reglazing requirements.

Rimless or Semi rimless?
We can reglaze if you have one existing lens as we will use it to trace and manufacture.

We also reglaze varifocal lenses into a suitable frame.

Over and above our assessment process, our reglazing policy is clear and simple – all frames are at your own risk as recycled frames can be brittle and do sometimes break.

Visit one of our outlets and we’ll be happy to assess the suitability of your frames for reglazing and or repair.


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